…eventually everything connects.

MAIA Contemporary , Mexico City
February 2018

Attachment breeds dependency. Dependency creates imbalance. Imbalance fosters ignorance which is the root of all suffering. Natural connection is liberating. Liberation nurtures contentment which is akin to pure joy and acceptance of all that is, and the basis of human enlightenment.

Being attached to nothing and connected to everything, paradoxically, can be seen as both the final state of being and the first step toward spirituality. Everything originates from the same source, evolves in form, and returns to it in the end. Being bound to forms or concepts is a prison; an ego experience that merely provides the appearance of separation when, in truth, we are all star dust; meaningless molecules wandering through time and space.

We are all one, naturally and seamlessly connected to everything… but our upbringing produces an intrinsic desire to control and attach to things such as possessions, people, ideals, and illusions. These attachments are the precise things that prevent us from connecting to the divine in the first place. Oh, the irony, as we learn that you already have everything you need inside you. If we maintain alignment with ourselves and stay out of our own way, the universe will always provide. To expect nothing and appreciate everything, to attach to nothing and connect to everything, eliminates the source of all suffering and makes life a lot easier.

Without a question, humanity’s future is going into the realm of the imagination. Certain truths become more evident and hard to deny as the gap between the impossible and the possible lessens and the veil on reality and spirituality lifts. The ability to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity is critical to our evolution as a species.

May the words and manifestations in this show spark an inner dialog and inspire a shift in perspective as you find yourself in an unforeseen moment of reflection.