Bombay Beach Biennale


Once a year the Salton Sea, a human made lake built upon the risk of disappearing, whose shores are lined with abandoned houses and vacant lots turns into a canvas of explosive arts, music and imagery. This year Olivia joined in. Her neon Trust The Process reflected the message of Bombay Beach Biennial: stay committed to your passion, trust that while on the surface something seems like it is disappearing, it has the power to be reignited. Trust your own light can reignite and create what you need it to. Olivia is always taking her practice to the next level by trusting the process, knowing that the edge is where the view is best. For Bombay Beach Biennial 2018 Olivia took neon one step further and installed it in the Salton Sea. Electricity met water, and Olivia’s message, Save Me, glowed across the ripples. Save Me: a call from the landscape to the people in it, and from the people to their inner light.  Olivia leaves no trace and instead, Public Displays of Awareness. For Bombay Beach Biennial is was a double-sided road sign with two messages Save Yourself and Get Over It. Because to move forward towards our own light, you must leave behind and doesn’t serve you and just Get Over It.