Rumney Guggenheim,  New York

Oct. 9th – Nov. 11th 2015

Rumney Guggenheim presented it’s inaugural exhibition, Some Place Like Home  on view from October 9th, 2015 to November 11, 2015 in the historic landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank in Williamsburg.

Some Place Like Home unites an international selection of site-specific works by Olek, Swoon, Olivia Steele, Boxhead and Moral Turgeman, addressing the range of associations—from domestic bliss to bleakness—that define our experience of the home. The recontextualized works explore themes of estrangement and belonging in both public and private spaces.

Olivia Steele evokes a similar tension between sweetness and cruelty in her text-based neon sculptures. Her romantic aphorisms paradoxically personalize and soften the medium typically associated with the manufactured slickness of commercial signage and pop art.